The Magic of Christmas in Vukovar – Advent full of love

This year’s Advent in Vukovar began with the lighting of the first Advent candle at Vukovar City Museum as part of the 22nd Vukovar Advent Festivities.

With many various events held at several locations, from Vukovar City Museum, Croatian Hall Vukovar, Vukovar City Library, St. Philip and Jacob Church to the Advent Square – these days filled with the hubbub of the Christmas season and the sweet scent of Christmas delicacies – visitors can capture authentic Advent experience which will take them back to the carefree days of childhood and stir up the dim memories of images and scents of Christmas, hidden inside the deepest corners of their hearts.

This year, a dome with a fairytale-like Santa Claus corner creates an even more Christmassy feeling in the city. Its magical holiday atmosphere and appearance make it a must-see for both children and adults. It is a place where people can attend creative workshops and Christmas story-reading sessions, plant wheat on Saint Lucy’s Day and take numerous unforgettable photographs. We believe that even Santa himself will not be able to resist such magic. In addition to many Christmas plays and concerts at the Advent Square, there are also the Stories from the North Pole at Vukovar City Library, the Christmas train and a horse-drawn carriage that will take you on an unforgettable ride through the streets of Vukovar lit-up with thousands Christmas lights.

Moreover, the 20th traditional Christmas concert in Vukovar, “Silent Night”, was held at St. Phillip and Jacob Church, where renowned Croatian artists performed the most beautiful traditional Christmas carols, sharing the joy of the upcoming Christmas. We are particularly looking forward to the traditional staging of a live nativity scene, prize competition within the Magic Advent mobile app and traditional sky lantern release event – “A Sky Full of Wishes”.

Although each season of the year has its hidden, unseen charms, Vukovar is a truly wonderful place in December – this special time of year filled with kindness, love, and hope.

If you ask Vukovar citizens about the season when their city is most beautiful, you won’t get a universally-agreed-upon answer. They love their city all year round, through all the seasons.

Therefore, whenever you decide to visit Vukovar, you will have a great time. After all, Vukovar is a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN), a gem still waiting to be discovered by tourists.

Vukovar is also a city of museums. In addition to Vukovar City Museum and Vučedol Culture Museum, Franciscan Museum Vukovar was recently opened to the public as well. There is also the Danube, offering refreshment and a tourist boat ride. Vukovar is moving forward, developing, growing. It has experienced immense pain and suffering, but its spirit has not been broken. It has the Vukovar Nocturne, a symbol of both sorrow and pride, but it also has the Danube and Vuka, Vučedol and Adica, it has its famous people and buildings, many tourist attractions and hospitality establishments. It also has the Vučedol dove as a symbol of peace and continuity of life.

It is from the ashes of Vukovar’s pain that Advent was born so full of love, restoring our faith in the true, authentic values upon which our tradition is built.


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