There is no end to magic on Advent in Đakovo!

Nov 30th to Dec 31st

While the crystalline echo of bells from the bell tower of the Đakovo Cathedral, rising above the city, invites travelers, intending to drop into the warmth of the heart of Slavonia, echoes the wide Slavonian plane, beneath them, in its bosom, the most beautiful Advent wreath, in the center of which the water murmurs. It is a symbol of life that flows through this hospitable town, which feeds every guest with a sincere welcome, which feeds him with the scents of Slavonia, the delicacies of this region, which surrounds him with a wide Slavonic soul, and welcomes him with the warmest smile.

Two bell towers as two guards watch over every one who enters their shadow. In a wide square of giants, Bishop Strossmayer, a spell was born. The light of the Advent candles is being poured, the bell of the flags from the gossip of the Đakovo pride, his Lipizzaners, is heard. It has been a tradition for more than five centuries, and the proud Lipizzaners show all their splendor and beauty at the Lipizzaner Christmas Ball on December 14th.

In the wooden houses at the Advent Fair, valuable Slavonian people offer their handicrafts, products, what symbolizes this region. The smells of famous dishes are spreading, traditional Christmas songs are sung. The magic itself is humming and like a lahore touches for a moment the Advent wreath, then the houses, then the rink. And the rink …. while on one side it is embraced by the Archbishop’s Palace with its fairy-tale architecture, guarded by the Theological Seminary on the other, and right in front of them, the most beautiful scenery in the world, the Cathedral of St. Peter. Is there a more special moment than listening to a child’s laughter in this embrace, to feel the joy of a playful childhood and youth… Indeed, the magic has no end in the advent of the Đakovo homeland.


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