Ston, keeper of world-renown values

Longest fortress and oldest saltworks in Europe, best oysters in the world, respected wine grape Plavac mali, traditional way of life and indescribable peace. All that is Ston, a destination of great values.

If you come to the Pelješac peninsula from any direction by land the first to come your way is picturesque Ston, a medieval town located next to the sea. Although small, Ston is the keeper of great values-European as well as world ones. Precisely there you will find impressive Ston City Walls, the longest fortress system in Europe and second longest in the world. Now they measure 5.5 km, and their height varies between five and ten meters. They have three entrances and consist of Ston Walls and Mali Ston (construed according to precise urbanite plan). The Great Wall and 41 towers and 6 bastions.Impressive. isn’t it?

Become a part of the history of this world heritage and pass the walls which will additionally reward you with a remarkable view. In it, you will also notice the salt basins of Ston saltworks, the oldest in Europe and possibly in the world in which since antique all until today the salt and flower of salt have been produced in a natural, traditional way.


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